Make Time for the Adventure in You

Last week we headed to the hidden resort of Kühtai in Austria to meet our friend who was out on a Ski Season all winter. We only had 2 days yet we managed to come home with amazing new experiences that could fill a 2 week holiday. It made us realise how much fun you can have with such little time, and how important it is to make the most of your time!

It is so important in life to create your own fun and enjoy it your way. Find people who wanna do the same things you wanna do and go full speed ahead. There really is no right or wrong but you need those moments you can treasure with like-minded people forever because that’s what life is built up on. We all need to stop and do the things that make us happy, and sometimes opportunities such as this will come up and you just gotta jump at them.

Our Ski Trip in just 3 Days

Day 1 : We rode the public transport all the way up to the resort, which only took roughly an hour, and within half an hour of arriving at the resort we had dumped all our bags and were on the slopes. It felt so good to be back on skis, especially with the hundreds of university deadlines approaching in the upcoming months! That evening after an afternoon of exploring the resort, we caught a piste basher up to a restaurant nestled in the mountains! It was such a crazy experience driving almost vertical the wrong way up the mountain slope, but as we reached the top we were welcomed by a warm glass of mulled wine, an outdoor fire and delicious mountain food!

Day 2: As we were only here for 3 days we wanted to make every second count. We were on the slopes for the first lift, and did not stop until our last run into the après bar to watch the sun go down at the end of the day. It was the perfect bluebird day messing about in the snow, and skiing all over the resort. We ate lunch in the middle of the mountains that lasted for 2 hours by time we woke up from a sun-drenched nap in what looked like chairs that belonged on the beach. In the afternoon we skied to an un-pisted area of the mountains where we watched the last lifts come to a stop for the evening, and enjoyed the sun on our faces as we looked over the resort feeling extremely happy and grateful for that moment. Making the most of your time isn’t always about squeezing in an activity every second of the day, but just enjoying where you are right now and taking in what is around you.  We all fell over, skied off-piste and sat on the mountain until we were the last ones down. But, oh no, the adventure did not stop there! After an après-ski pint, we headed to the bar to eat what was the biggest pizza I have ever had the pleasure to demolish!

After our pit stop, we put our ski gear back on to head out for some night skiing and to top it all off, headed to the sauna to finish the day.

On our last day, we suddenly decided to hike up the mountain at 5:00am (realistically 5:30 after a dozen hits on the snooze button) to watch the sun rise between the mountains. It was hard work, walking up a red piste run that early and with no coffee, yet we managed to reach the top, set the cameras up in time to sit on the peak watching the sun rise between the mountains as we had envisioned. It was the most perfect unplanned morning, a moment that could not be shared just cherished. The mountains were all ours and we just took in how incredible it was and just how easy we made something so unique and special happen. Because we couldn’t carry up all of our ski gear, we sledged back down on our bums to wake up to some fantastic bruises the next morning! I felt like a kid again, where nothing really mattered except trying to get the best run up before our sliding! As we passed the ski basher on our way down perfecting the slopes after the mess we made, we all held on to each-other and slid down as many times as we possibly could, all the way to the hotel door to be back snuggled up in bed by 7.45am with a well deserved coffee (finally!). It was the most perfect way to end the holiday, with moments I will never forget.

Finding the adventure in life and what excites you is so important in life, especially as we move so quickly we should all take the time to reflect on what we really want and prioritise the things that make us happy. I’m so lucky to have a best friend in Chris, and I love that we can share our passion for adventure with great friends like Harvey. 3 days in Austria was all we had, although we came home with a million memories. my Dad and I recently cycled 70 miles over a 2 day adventure in Kent, and it all goes to show how easy it is to fit so much in so little time. With easy and cheap access to millions of destinations, and the likes of AirBnB it is so easy to make the most of a long weekend.  Push to do something that excites you, and you won’t regret it.

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