Good afternoon! I have been delaying this blog post over and over again as, sadly, it marks the end of my Spanish chapter. All I have now is Justin Bieber’s Despacito hitting the UK charts and transporting me back to those warm Spanish nights as if I never left!

Firstly, I want to apologise for the huuuge delay between this and my last post; I have been in Bali for two weeks lapping up even more sunshine followed by birthday celebrations, a wedding, a house move and another week on the gorgeous Island of Crete over the past few weeks so as you can tell, it has been a non stop whirlwind of adventures that has done a fab job of distracting me from the sad truth that I no longer live in Spain.

Despite all of my adventures,  I want to step back in time to talk about the last month of my Erasmus journey in Spain to round off my year of blogging.

Since my last post I have been filling up my time with unlimited adventures; I spent a weekend in the white wash town of Nerja with Chris, which was so lovely to explore somewhere new together. We spent long warm Mediterranean nights sipping on a lot of wine with complimentary tapas flowing equally as fast. The streets were filled with charm and the dotted coves along the coast added to the picture perfect feel of the town. The day Chris flew home I had roughly 24 hours before my mum and her lovely group of girls were arriving in style; a personal chauffeur all the way from Malaga airport wasn’t too shabby! With so much to explore together, only a few precious days to show my mum around my new home and what I had seen really didn’t quite cut it, although it was lovely to drink sangria and eat yummy Spanish food with familiar faces from home. We explored around my favourite spots and spent a lazy afternoon over looking Córdoba sipping on more sangria and bathing in the Andalucía sunshine at the rooftop bar. the famous Spanish heat has made a grand entrance during these last few weeks with temperatures soaring up to 39 degrees and I myself, a typical English rose, struggle to hide my equally typical rosy cheeks. We thought we were used to it, until we discovered that the temperatures just keep on rising and will continue to do so hitting up to 45 in the peak of July. No wonder Seville and Córdoba are the hottest European cities during the summer months.



As we swiftly move on to the following week (trust me I barely had time to breath either between all of these trips and the quickly approaching deadlines) we thought it would be a tremendous idea to rent a car and spend a weekend doing a road trip to Cadiz and Gibraltar the week before all our deadlines. What a weekend it was! And a great distraction for the now even closer deadlines we had! Aimee drove us all to Cadiz, and when we arrived our cute little apartment was waiting for us down an old street a few minutes away from the oceanfront. Jess and I winded around the streets, wishing we were winding round on the back of a Vespa (still a very fond dream of mine) until we stumbled across a bar, which happened to have the best olives I have ever tasted. Cadiz was absolutely stunning. It was as if we had stepped out of Spain and flown to South America with its coloured seafront houses, untouched white sandy beaches and palm trees swaying in the wind as if we were stuck in an old Colonial town. For anyone looking to go to Spain, Cadiz would be top of my list with its unspoken charm and historical beauty. The beaches in Cadiz are some of the best I have seen; golden soft sand that would have you believe you were half way across the world. After a day of swimming and watching the surfers play around in the waves, we ended the day with cocktails on the beach followed by an evening dedicated to watching the truly amazing and even more shocking Eurovision. For us Sweden’s performance stole the show, and to add, the incredible concoction of yodelling and rapping from Moldova still leaves me bewildered to this day.

After all the fun, it finally came down to our inevitable week of tactful crunching. Jess and I managed to submit a 35 page project in roughly just over a week which calculated to 9,600 words; dissertation completed 1 year early. That was between planning and giving a presentation, 19 pages of theory, an exam, and a hell of a lot of coffee. Once that week was over, I slept all weekend just in time for the feria to start and the arrival of my grandparents! And that brings us up to roughly this time last week (I know, almost there!)

The feria was the most talked about event all year and oh my, wasn’t the set up incredible. Imagine stepping into an old cowboy film set where men rode elegantly around on horses whilst the women side saddled on the back in their gorgeous dresses, fanning away the heat. If they weren’t seen doing this, they were being horsed around in a cart or wandering the street in their gorgeous flamenco dresses. The streets were lined with ‘Casetas’, which were massive tents filled with dancing, food, music and lots of drink! They even recreated the structure of the famous Mosque that sits in the centre of the old Jewish quarter, to welcome you into the Feria as you cross the lit up bridge.

Not only was it made for partying, but it also has a tonne of fairground rides we could get lost in. Zenzi and I swung at new heights on the rotating swings and later on we managed to witness a very funky Spanish re mix of Usher’s Yeah which was fantastic to say the least, and then we laughed and chatted over donuts as we walked back home.

With my grandparents our time was solely focused around lots of drink and food as what else would you be doing whilst in Spain? We tried Rebujito, which to this day we still only know one ingredient, which was wine, and we feasted on a million different dishes of tapas. The temperature reached 39 some days so it was safe to say we had good weather!

Now that brings us up to speed to the last week and I was over filled with emotions, naturally. Unfortunately revision had taken over my life for my exams during the last week and then it will be a matter of packing and fitting in every little bit of Córdoba that I want to see one last time before I go. As much as Córdoba wouldn’t be somewhere I could see myself living permanently, I know I will always have a home waiting for me to return. The journey isn’t over yet, and it has definitely encouraged me to do some more traveling but this year has been incredible, almost too good to be true and I cant quite bring myself to accept that this really is it this time! I have learnt and experienced so many new things which I never thought I would have been able to. Now, I am filling up my time with endless adventures to keep my itching feet happy,

It is not a goodbye Córdoba, at least not one forever.

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