Love - The Ying to its own Yang

I was eager to write this personal post because before I left for my year in Spain, I became overwhelmed with doubt that maybe a relationship couldn’t last the distance, especially not on your Erasmus year out, which seems to hold a boozy give-it-your-all kinda reputation. However, a few weeks in and I didn’t understand what all the fuss was about! I always knew that we would make it work I just had to see it with my own eyes.

Relationships can be challenging, yet with the right person there is nothing the two of you can’t get through, and so taking the decision to embark on a long-distance relationship is just another exciting challenge to face together. With the right mentality, it suddenly becomes a lot less daunting than people may think! Don’t let the negative burdens that seem to surround long distance relationships put you off. Take it from me, it can and will work.

Turn it into a positive and just think of all the amazing adventures you guys will have when your partner comes to visit! New food, culture, friends, places to explore and hopefully better weather than an english day in January! And if you don’t take this opportunity, you will never get a chance quite like it to see how strong your relationship is.

"The best part was showing my partner everything that I fell in love with in Córdoba, yet having a little slice of home every time he came to visit me."

Why you should take the plunge and go the distance:


Travel together! This is your chance to show your partner your new culture, friends, and the local tapas bar for some cheap beers together! Have fun exploring and discovering everything your new home has to offer.


Long-distance only makes the heart grow fonder. Despite how cheesy it sounds, its crucial to have your separate lives and experiences to be able to enjoy your time together even more.


Time apart is a good thing, it allows you to really see if you miss that person and what they mean to you. If its meant to be, you won’t be able to hide your excitement the day you go to the airport to pick your partner up!


You should both support each other, and if this decision is something you really want to do then your partner will be there for you every step of the way.


Don’t give up. A relationship requires work just like anything else in life, and so why should you give something up so important to you?


Time to get creative with your relationship! Go old school and start sending letters and gifts to each other, calling each other late at night and working out when you can next see each other.

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