Here’s 10 things I’ve learnt from my family about why food is more important than we realise & why you should never eat dinner alone.

  1. Mealtimes are best shared with loved ones. I grew up eating as a family, where every night we’d sit together around a table and we’d chat and drink rather than in front of the tv.
  2. This idea of waiting until Friday to enjoy a drink or relax is silly and a waste of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. 
  3. Never rush dinner or scoff down your food. Enjoy it, savour it and never ever feel guilty for eating. 
  4. Dinner tables always provide a base for the best conversations that, more often than not, lead to heated discussions.
  5. Don’t come to the table with an empty glass. Or if you do, be prepared to have it filled up without asking for it.
  6. Never feel guilty for eating. The key is moderation and eating fresh whole foods. Ignore these fad diets that tell you carbs are bad for you. 
  7. No matter where you are, a good meal with good people and good wine is one of life’s simplest pleasures. 
  8. Leave your phone. Engage and check in with your family about how they are. We’re losing touch with the value of human interaction nowadays.
  9. Hosting a meal and having friends and family over is something we should all do more of. 
  10. If it leads to a game of cards or some dancing, you’re in for a good night.

Too often we’re completely distracted by due dates, past events or future worries. Being socially connected online 24/7 has led to a sense of complete disconnectivity from what’s going on right in front of our eyes. Make time to sit down with your loved ones, get your friends over for dinner and slow down a little.

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