I have to say it feels great to be typing again, it has been an extremely long time since I have added to my blog, and I have to admit that I have missed it! All my adventures of last year already seem like a lifetime ago and 2017 has already presented itself with its fair share of new ones!

Thinking about the weeks leading up to Christmas now seems crazy, almost as if I never went home, and now here I am back in Spain having just unpacked a few days ago in my new apartment. On the topic of moving, myself and two other sexy senoritas who are both studying here in Spain like myself for the year, have found ourselves a cute three bed house for our final year in Canterbury. This adult business is all too normal for us now and we are so ready to bring our tapas and sangria nights back to England.

So far, my exams all fell into the first week of being home which only led to a mini breakdown in my bedroom each night, but I had the freedom of a whole 5 weeks without any studying nor exams to push me through it. I won’t bore you about the Spanish exam system, but to say the least it makes England look extremely anal, where you feel tremendously wild if you were daring enough not to leave your mobile at home for the day of the exam, seriously playing with fire. Nonetheless they are now all over with and my advice for anyone attempting exams on their year abroad is : bring every form of notes, help and internet you can get your hands on and the likelihood is that you will find the chance to use them!

If saying goodbye to an excellent 3 weeks at home and coming back to a week full of exams wasn’t already daunting enough, I had to then say farewell to my absolutely best friend here; my room and soul mate Indra. We filled the last week with arabic bath trips, hiking in the countryside, wine, camembert, singing, dancing, milkshakes, the ‘new year, new me’ haircuts and all the laughing in between. A friendship never to be forgotten and I cannot thank this experience enough for bringing me these opportunities to cross paths with such amazing people. At the end of my erasmus I will come home with countless experiences with all the great and diverse people that I have encountered. The world will never have any borders if you can open up to new languages and cultures, it amazes me that mine and Indra’s strong bond has formed over what was the only thing we had in common when we first met ; the Spanish language. We never communicated in English ( well almost never) nor German and yet we can understand, learn, laugh in a mutual language we have both learnt.

The other factor I must thank my erasmus for is the opportunity to travel, I feel much more free and open to new adventures since I have been here and so for Chris’s 21st, what better way could we celebrate than a weekend together in Europe’s most metropolitan city?! I must say, I  fell in love with Madrid even more this time round, it has a real charm that catches you unexpectedly. We managed to watch the kings of Spain (Real Madrid) play on their home turf, row through Retiro park, boogie our way through the night at an underground jazz club, drink cocktails over looking the city, try the very strange WKD-resembling blue wine, ramble through unknown streets to find the best coffee and Spanish breakfast in town ( take note of la bicicleta) , eat tapas at Rosi La Loca, drink beer and experience yet another teary goodbye. Blink of the eye and a dreamy weekend was all over in a flashlight. Wiping my tears away, I luckily was able to meet my lovely future housemate Kayleigh all blotchy-red faced for the best Churros in town and a good old catch up before heading out to yet another hidden gem for some delicious pizza and more drinks. Our casual night ended at 1.30, which I know is still incredibly early for Madrid, but after my busy weekend and my usual bedtime hour of 10.30 I was amazed at how the time flew by. I suppose sitting chatting over drinks and eating free olives in a quiet bar down one of Madrid’s side streets couldn’t really get much better.

Because I am part of erasmus, we tend to do as little studying as possible and as much travelling instead as possible, right? Well, I couldn’t keep myself still so I decided to book a trip to Barcelona with my new flatmate Abey, 2 days after arriving back from Madrid. They say you gotta make the most of the experience and I want to make the most of every second here. I have also started teaching English, which I absolutely love! So lets see what this next part of my adventure brings me….

Until next time, I promise it won’t be as long

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