"Bikes pulled up, beers cracked open and shoes came off. It was the perfect balance and we made sure to enjoy every second of it."

We arrived in Copenhagen with no plans, no expectations nor top spots to see, and this made for an easy stress-free few days exploring the city. With no rush to get from A to B, we wandered the cobbled streets like true europeans stopping for coffee and pastries. The more we travel, the more my heart yearns for those days spent passing through European cobbled streets and I start to realise that life’s simple pleasures truly are simple moments that pass us by every second of the day unless we stop to appreciate them.

I normally travel to a place and spend hours researching the best coffee spots to try, or the next best undiscovered restaurant and then screenshotting each place until my hearts content but when we arrived in Copenhagen, we merely followed a map and wandered at a pace that meant I could relax. Yes we did search for good restaurants and areas to see, but it was a decision made over our morning pastry and within 10 minutes our phones were firmly back in our pockets. With unlimited options and the internet at our disposal, we can get so caught up in searching for the must-see’s that we miss the real pleasures of a place.

Sometimes cities can feel overwhelming and it can leave you feeling out of place and unsure. Yet with Copenhagen’s laid back attitude and proximity to the sea, it was hard not to feel at home as we sat by the canals with a beer in our hand watching people swimming and hanging out, wondering if this was a normal post-work Tuesday evening.

This is why Copenhagen has such a special place in my heart. It was a city where we could walk endlessly with no plan and feel truly at ease. The streets allowed you to slow down, with its picture perfect outdoor cafes, eateries and shops to admire. Not to mention, the delicious food and calmness in the streets as people sit outside chatting and watching the world – and it’s many bikes – go by.

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